Cherry Blossom Tattoo

After a long hiatus, crazy life and lots of technical problems, I return to the blog with a new post!

This tattoo was a pleasure to do- it’s a first tattoo on a very tough new client. We were able to get this one done in a relatively quick amount of time( although any amount of time spent getting one’s ribs tattooed tends to tick by slowly!).

This is a sort of sumi-e style of tattoo, done to mimic a watercolor painting style. There is no black in this tattoo: the darkest tones in the branch are done in a dark gray, so the branch will retain a softness which will be more apparent once it heals (this photo was taken a day after the tattoo was completed). The flowers themselves were done entirely in color with a good balance of white, pink, and red. I like to use light tones in the blossoms, but it’s very important that the flowers are constructed to be as striking visually as possible, since there is no background here to lend support.

This type of tattooing is very organic and for me, to tattoo in this style is the closest the experience of tattooing ever comes to painting or drawing. Needless to say, I really enjoy it and would love to do more!


cherry blossom branch tattoo on side

Kimberly Roberts - April 11, 2014 - 6:39 am

Very beautiful tattoo!

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